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The Booking Process

Booking Process: To initiate the booking process, please provide your desired date, venue/city/state, and event type (bridal, event, photoshoot, lessons, etc.). I will promptly share my price list with you. Once you confirm your interest in booking, please suggest a day and time for a phone call to discuss the details. Subsequently, I will send you a contract, and upon receipt of the deposit, your booking will be confirmed. To ensure the perfect look for your special day, I offer a trial activation video. This video will enable me to understand your preferences, the styles you are attracted to, and what makes you feel comfortable. Please reach out to me to schedule your trial closer to the date of the event. It's essential to note that I recommend not using a trial for a photoshoot opportunity as it is intended to experiment with different options. During the trial, we will create a schedule, discuss tips and tricks, and brainstorm ideas to ensure a peaceful and memorable atmosphere on your special day. It is an honor to be a part of your event.

xoxo Hayley

Hayley Palmer Makeup


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